Sports Fields


We design, install and service sports field irrigation including high schools and council fields.


We can install a complete new system with tanks, pumps, weather stations, flow sensors and internet control. All these items installed together will give you the most water efficient system possible. A large tank can save thousands of litres of water equating to thousands of dollars saved each year (100 square metres of roof space will collect 1,000L of water for every 10mm of rain). The weather station will adjust run times based on temperatures, the flow sensor will monitor the flow and alert us if a zone starts using more water than usual due to a broken pipe or stuck on valve, so the problem can be rectified immediately before many thousands of litres of water has been wasted without anybody knowing about it.


Our sprinkler design gives perfect coverage ensuring your fields are lush and green regardless of how hot and dry it is.

Work can be carried out in school holidays for High School football fields to minimise disruption.