Blacktown Boys High School



We installed two 20,000L rainwater tanks which are collecting rainwater off the large building adjacent to the tanks. A large enough pump to handle the flow and pressure required was installed and a custom made pump shed was built to house it. A Weathermatic Smartline controller was installed with a wireless rain sensor.

We installed the sprinkler system on  field 1 in January 2016 prior to the field being re-turfed. Hunter I25 6″ stainless Steel sprinklers were installed, with Hunter PGV solenoid valves. Each solenoid valve has it’s own isolation valve. Valves boxes are installed two metres beyond the touchline so they are out of the way.  As soon as the turf was laid we were able to turn the sprinklers on and set a temporary watering schedule using the controller’s “Grow in” feature. This allows us to set a temporary watering schedule for up to 99 days for newly laid turf and plantings. Once the period has elapsed it will revert back to it’s normal program that has been set and saved into the controller.

In January 2017 we added to the existing system to irrigate Field 2. We also added a Smartlink module to the controller for internet control and monitoring.